The material selection platform
Polymer Additives
The material selection platform
Polymer Additives

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Perform to your best in the Plastics industry by getting access to "insider" knowledge. Courses will help you to better select your ingredients, solve your formulation issues and to be innovative! All our 90-min online trainings are developed by independent specialists who are all passionate about sharing their technical know-how and strong industry experience.

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Santiago Llopis
2 Day(s) left to register

Tuesday Dec 12, 2023

By Santiago Llopis

Delve into advanced cutting-edge chemical recycling concepts that not only reduce costs but also have a significant positive impact on the environment. Turn the table by swiftly handling the common...

Jochum Beetsma
3 Day(s) left to register

Wednesday Dec 13, 2023

By Jochum Beetsma

Avoid failure cases! Quickly tackle real-life coatings adhesion issues (weak boundary layers, poor wetting, insufficient roughness, lack of strong interactions & stress...) and troubleshoot them...

Joshua Marsh
44 Day(s) left to register

Tuesday Jan 23, 2024

By Joshua Marsh

Get tangible data and directions from rheology by knowing how to translate pourability, sag resistance… into rheology targets (complex modulus, yield stress, shear rate...) Joshua Marsh will...

Luis Roca
53 Day(s) left to register

Thursday Feb 1, 2024

By Luis Roca

Get step-by-step methodology to upgrade your bioplastics performance (impact strength, thermal resistance, stiffness…) & successfully adapt to targeted market applications or new regulations. Luis...

Jeffrey A. Jansen
58 Day(s) left to register

Tuesday Feb 6, 2024

By Jeffrey A. Jansen

Accelerate your Plastics Development by using DSC to its full potential and interpret qualitative & quantitative data to minimize additive interactions, fine-tune processing, avoid premature...

Kenneth W Russell
74 Day(s) left to register

Thursday Feb 22, 2024

By Kenneth W Russell

Overcome your polymer compounding challenges (melt disturbance, uneven material thickness, surging…) by unravelling the underlying science behind twin screw extruder configuration and...

T Richard Hull
87 Day(s) left to register

Wednesday Mar 6, 2024

By T Richard Hull

Get a grip over your flame-retardant selection strategies by learning about halogen-free alternatives (phosphorus, silicates...) their chemistries & problems with currently available commercial...

William D Arendt
88 Day(s) left to register

Thursday Mar 7, 2024

By William D Arendt

Limit the use of isocyanates & switch to silane hybrid prepolymers vs PU in your adhesives, sealants, coatings by achieving a better balance of mechanical properties (strength, elongation, viscosity...

Andreas Tschech
95 Day(s) left to register

Thursday Mar 14, 2024

By Andreas Tschech

Avoid rejection of your food contact approval application with a well-defined migration testing strategy (in accordance with EU food contact regulations). Andreas Tschech will help you in:...

Joshua Marsh
107 Day(s) left to register

Tuesday Mar 26, 2024

By Joshua Marsh

Review test methods and equipment to better support your developments. Popular testing techniques, their pros & cons as well as practical considerations for implementation will be discussed...

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