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Tinuvin® XT 55 by BASF is a hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). It is a high-performance light stabilizer, which imparts outstanding weatherability to polyolefins. The main advantage of Tinuvin®... view more
Chimassorb® 2020 by BASF is a high molecular weight hindered amine light stabilizer (HALS). Offers an optimal combination of exceptional levels of UV- and long-term thermal stability and ancillary... view more
Tinuvin® 1600 by BASF is 2-hydroxyphenyl-s-triazine derivative. It acts as an ultraviolet light absorber (UVA). It exhibits very low volatility, excellent thermal stability and high extinction... view more
Tinuvin® NOR® 356 by BASF is a high molecular hindered amine NOR light stabilizer. It has been designed for agricultural plastic applications in contact with high concentration of chemicals... view more
Tinuvin® NOR® 371 by BASF is a high molecular weight hindered amine NOR stabilizer (NOR HALS). This high-performing light stabilizer is particularly well suited for applications in contact with... view more
BYK-MAX HS 4342 by BYK is a non-adhesive granulate, dust-free, easy to handle, long-term thermal stabilizer based on organic stabilizers, carbon black and SCONA coupling agents for use in PP-GF... view more
BYK-MAX HS 4301 by BYK is a granulated, VOC-free, long-term thermal stabilizer for use in polypropylene compounds. It consists of a combination of thermal stabilizers. The thermal stabilizers... view more
BYK-MAX LS 4125 by BYK is a safe, easy to handle, VOC-free, dust-free, granulated UV stabilizer for the use in polyolefins to improve the long-term UV stability with low blooming. It offers... view more
BYK-MAX FR 4143 by BYK is a compacted, easy to handle, halogen- & antimony-free, flame retardant for polyolefins in compounding, extrusion or injection molding processes. This highly effective... view more
AQUACER® 531 by BYK is a non-ionic emulsion of modified polyethylene wax containing water as a carrier. It acts as an anti-caking additive for thermoplastics. It is used in the underwater... view more
Birla Carbon
Raven 5100 Ultra by Birla Carbon is a next generation, piano carbon black for high end plastic applications. It offers ultra high jetness with attractive blue undertone. It is easy to handle and... view more
Birla Carbon
Raven 2350 Ultra by Birla Carbon is a carbon black grade with high jetness. Offers an attractive blue tone, small particle size and excellent UV protection. Provides high loading, easy... view more
Birla Carbon
Raven FC1 by Birla Carbon is a high performance, carbon black grade with high purity. It offers extremely low physical impurities, easy dispersability, long screen life, smooth surface finish and... view more
Birla Carbon
Raven PFEB by Birla Carbon is a specialty carbon black. It is designed to be incorporated into thermosets or thermoplastics for improving color, tint, or functional characteristics. Raven PFEB is... view more
Birla Carbon
Raven 880 by Birla Carbon is a specialty carbon black. Exhibits easy dispersion, good chemical cleanliness and longer screen life. Offers low level of ash & residue, smooth surface finish and... view more
BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1607 by Brüggemann is a copper iodide-based heat stabilizer for polyamides. This antioxidant blend exhibits extended stabilization of the mechanical properties over a broad... view more
BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1803 by Brüggemann is a phosphonate and phenolic-based heat stabilizer for polyamides. It contains a small amount of copper complex with synergist. It offers stabilization of... view more
BRUGGOLEN® TP-H1805 by Brüggemann is an easily processable, copper-based high heat stabilizer. It is a very effective protection agent and antioxidant against long-term high heat aging of aliphatic... view more
BRUGGOLEN® TP-P1810 by Brüggemann is a flow enhancer and processing auxiliary. It offers superior melt flow in (highly) filled semi-aromatic polyamides (significantly longer spiral flow length)... view more
AP-NYLON® Caprolactam (Flakes) by Brüggemann is caprolactam with low moisture content. It is specifically used as raw material in the anionic polymerization of polyamide 6. It is suitable for use in... view more
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