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Ampacet & Partner Use Additives to Induce Anti-yellowing Effects in PCR Polymers

Published on 2022-08-01. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Ampacentmasterbatchcircularaesthetics Circular Aesthetics, a sustainable packaging collaboration between Ampacet, and EMD Electronics is nominated for an “In Green 2022” award by Luxe Pack 2022.

Additive Used in Blow-molded Bottles

Ampacet’s Blue Edge™ additive which reduces the yellow or brown dingy appearance of post-consumer recycled plastic has been used in the display box featuring two blow-molded bottles, the first is made of 100% recycled PET polymer.

The second bottle in the display contains Ampacet’s anti-yellowing pearl special effects masterbatch used on the bottle and cap and with EMD’s Iriodin WAY pigments for weather resistance, anti-yellowing and light stability. It is made of 100% PCR HDPE polymer.

Both the bottle and cap feature EMD’s Iriotec pigment, which allows inkless marking for identification or labeling and Ampacet’s LaserEtch, to sharpen marking and readability on transparent and light-colored bottles.

Our successful “Circular Aesthetics” collaboration with EMD Electronics has resulted in sustainable bottle designs for 100% recycled polymers that feature excellent polymer performance as well as exceptional consumer appeal,” says Doreen Becker, corporate director of sustainability, Ampacet. “We look forward to sustainable packaging collaborations in the future.

Source: Ampacet

Surface ModificationSustainability / Natural Solutions

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