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BRB Silicones Launches Polymer Modifier and Dispersing Agent

Published on 2020-07-14. Author : SpecialChem

Pigments-BRB BRB Silicones has announced the launch of BRB Fluid 1560 for PU and polyester resins and coatings and BRB Siloen® PDA 222 for surface treatment of filler and pigments.

BRB Fluid 1560 - Modifier of PU and Polyester

The new BRB Fluid 1560 is a low molecular weight linear polydimethylsiloxane capped (a, w) with primary carbinol groups. These carbinol groups are capable of normal alcohol reaction allowing the use of BRB Fluid 1560 as modifier of polyurethane and polyester to create hybrid polymers.

The introduction of silicone moiety into the organic polymer will improve water resistance, flexibility, slip/release, thermal stability as well as plasticity at low temperature.

BRB Fluid 1560 can also be used as a non-migrating additive in polyester and PU paints (textile fabric, natural and synthetic leather coating) to improve properties.

BRB Siloen® PDA 222 - Used as Dispersing Agent

BRB’s other new grade BRB Siloen® PDA 222 is an alkyl-modified liquid polysiloxane. It is used as surface treatment of filler, pigments (inorganic as well as organic) and flame retardant in thermoplastic application.

BRB Siloen® PDA 222 can be also used as dispersing agent in liquid color paste (e.g. mineral oil pastes, vegetable oil pastes, silicone pastes). Use of BRB Siloen® PDA 222 improves the compatibility of pigment, filler and flame retardants with the polymer thus allowing higher load.

Source: BRB
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