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BYK to Present Additives Portfolio for OEMs at K 2022

Published on 2022-09-14. Edited By : SpecialChem

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BYKK2022 BYK to showcase its portfolio for plastics production and processing of reinforced composites, PVC plastisols, and a broad range of innovative additives for plastics converters and compounders, formulators and OEMs worldwide, during October 19-26 at K 2022, Germany.

Products Range to be Highlighted

BYK to showcase a wide range of additives solutions as follows:
  • BYK-C 8001: Polymeric coupling agent for increasing the mechanical strength of epoxy resin systems
  • BYK-W 907: Wetting and dispersing additive for highly filled UP resin systems to improve filler wetting and to increase the filler load, especially for engineered stone
  • BYK-P 9929: Peak exotherm reducer for ambient radical cured unsaturated polyester and vinyl ester systems
  • DISPERPLAST® -1180: Low-volatile and solvent-free wetting and dispersing additive for filled and plasticizer-containing PVC dryblends
  • RECYCLOBYK®: The formulated systems for recycling are designed to improve the recyclates’ family, enabling new high-quality applications for used plastics rather than down cycling them
  • SCONA®: This is a multifaceted family of thermoplastics modifiers. The group includes adhesion promoters and coupling agents, designed to improve advanced composites, fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber compounds, optimizing their mechanical properties and impact strength
  • BYK-MAX brand: These additives improve processing as well as material properties By maximizing efficiency during production, BYK-MAX additives help compounders and converters to work more efficiently, improving their throughput

Explore BYK's DISPERPLAST® Range

Source: BYK

Polymer ReinforcementSurface ModificationPVC, Plasticizers and SustainabilityK Show 2022

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