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CAI Performance Additives Announces the Launch of PA/ABS Compatibilizer

Published on 2024-06-11. Edited By : SpecialChem

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CAI Performance Additives Announces the Launch of PA/ABS CompatibilizerCAI Performance Additives announced the launch of PA/ABS Compatibilizer ST-AN3220™.

It is designed to address the longstanding challenge of poor compatibility between PA (nylon) and ABS in alloyed materials.

Offering Good Matte Effect with Improved Heat Resistance

Blending PA and ABS offers both toughness of ABS and heat and oil resistance of PA. However, this alloy is difficult to produce due to the poor compatibility between the two materials. Traditional compatibilizers fall short, so the launch of ST-AN3220™ can provide excellent coupling solutions for the PA/ABS.

Discover Compatibilizers Offered by CAI Performance Additives

PA/ABS alloys with ST-AN3220™ offer several advantages over the widely used PC/ABS blends, including their low density, good matte effect, greatly improved heat resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, processing performance, and a broad range of applications.

Customers enjoy ST-AN3220™ with:

  • Automotive components
  • Electronic devices
  • Household appliances

And many more ST-AN3220™ is a high-performance additive with key features such as high rigidity, low residue, low odor and improved compatibility and mechanical properties.

Source: CAI Performance Additives
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