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ECKART to Present Whole Range of New Effect Pigments at NPE Plastics Show

Published on 2024-03-26. Edited By : SpecialChem

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ECKART New Effect Pigments NPE Plastics ShowECKART will present a whole range of new products from the world of effect pigments for plastics, at the upcoming NPE Plastics Show in Orlando (USA).

The new pigment solutions are not only visually impressive, but also offer functional benefits and interesting advantages in terms of sustainability.

Highlighting Solutions in Line with Sustainability

STAPA® AC Reflexal

STAPA® AC Reflexal are a new generation of aluminum pigments that can produce a chrome-like appearance through plastic mass coloration. This top-level quality aluminum pigment preparation provides the highest levels of brightness and gloss. The special carrier enables very good compatibility with many polymer systems. Painted silver metallic plastic parts can be exchanged by simple mass coloring. This saves resources, reduces costs and is environmentally friendly.

Highest metallic luster can now be achieved in mass coloring of plastics. Smooth, structureless metallic designs are just as feasible as shiny and reflective effects, depending on the grade used. The paint less solution with a molded-in-color metallic look increases the potential for energy efficiency. No paint scratching or peeling issues appear. The final part is achieved in a single step during molding, reducing finished part costs. A spray painting or coating process is no longer required. The technology eliminates painting problems such as overspray, thereby also improving sustainability.

NIR Silver

Automatic plastic sorting systems in recycling plants work with NIR sensors that do not always correctly identify certain colorants such as conventional silver shades. With NIR Silver, ECKART has developed a pigment solution that is tailored to the needs of automatic sorting. NIR Silver are pigments specially optimized for their detectability, which support the recyclability of plastics. At the same time, they offer impressive silver metallic effects - especially to the packaging industry.

The novel pigments of the NIR Silver series are tailored to the needs of automatic sorting and are suitable for a wide range of polymers. NIR spectroscopy uses the wavelength signature of specific polymers to distinguish between them. NIR Silver optimally reflects these specific wavelengths and thus supports the sorting of plastics. The pigments are easy to process in all conventional plastics and provide impressive silver metallic effects.


Laser design and the many possibilities offered by customization are becoming increasingly popular, especially in the packaging industry. LASERSAFE 020 is a new pigment for laser marking especially suited for bright marking on dark backgrounds. LASERSAFE 020 is very effective: very low pigment concentrations in the final application result in bright and high-contrast markings. The pigment can support highest marking speeds.

LASERSAFE 020 is suitable for all polymers like polyolefins (PE, PP), PS, PVC, PA, ABS, PC, PMMA and others as well as for liquid masterbatches. It is compliant for food contact applications. With the new LASERSAFE 020 for dark substrates and the already established LASERSAFE 040 for bright substrates, ECKART now offers two options for bright and dark markings, e.g. automotive plastics parts, or packaging.


MASTERSAFE SYMIC Sahara Blue is based on synthetic mica, coated with a combination of metal oxides titanium oxide and iron oxide. The unique color provides an extraordinary interference flop oscillating from soft shimmering rose with a beige undertone color to interference sky blue reflection.

The extreme flop in plastics applications is exceptional. In flat viewing angles the beige-rose hue dominates, the blue shimmer becomes strongest visible at reflection angle 45°. The product is recommended for applications where a new special color effect is needed. Target applications are cosmetic and food packaging, household appliances, toys etc. This special effect cannot be achieved by mixing other effect pigments with colors. ECKART offers this extraordinary product in a convenient dust- free and useful pellet version. The pigment level of MASTERSAFE SYMIC is generally 70%.


EDELSTEIN is a highly chromatic effect series showing exceptional ultra-deep color effects. There are 4 different colors available: EDELSTEIN Sapphire Blue shows a deep, highly chromatic blue color - from any viewing angle. EDELSTEIN Ruby Red gives an extraordinary look - thanks to its intense, highly chromatic red combined with strong sparkle and shine. EDELSTEIN Topaz Orange displays the highest chroma in the orange color space currently available worldwide. EDELSTEIN Sunstone Champagne provides unique optical appearance: The pigment shows a very refined champagne shade and emits a silver-white shimmer, or a warm, mellow orange coloring based on the viewing angle. EDELSTEIN pigments are particularly impressive in household appliances and consumer electronics.

LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red

LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red sets new benchmarks in terms of sparkle and color intensity: Compared to competitive products, this pearlescent pigment offers more than twice the sparkle intensity. A small amount of this color-strong new pigment is enough to bring even simple base colors to an optical high gloss. Incoming light has the effect of a spotlight on LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red, and the pronounced sparkle is immediately visible because it reflects the light in an impressive way. The pigment owes this reflection to its highly efficient coating technology. LUXAN C842 Spotlight Red shows this spectacular effect at both very low and very high pigment concentrations.

Discover Complete Range of ECKART's Special Effect Pigments

Source: ECKART
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