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Polytives' Flow Improver Enhances Mechanical Properties of Bio-based Fillers

Published on 2024-06-28. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Polytives GmbH Collaborate Holzmuhle Flow Improver Packaging Polytives GmbH announces a joint project with the internationally active corporate group Holzmühle Westerkamp GmbH.

Under the brand Arweco, the Lower Saxony-based wood-processing company offers production and development of bio-based plastic compounds, including those based on natural fibers from oat husks and other renewable raw materials.

Reducing Processing Temperatures by Up to 10%

These are produced in Visbek and distributed globally and are used in various applications. With their collaboration, Polytives and Holzmühle Westerkamp are setting new standards in the production of environmentally friendly and sustainable plastic products, reinforcing their position as pioneers in the industry.

Biopolymers offer a more environmentally friendly alternative to conventional plastics by reducing dependence on non-renewable resources and minimizing environmental impact. They are derived, for example, from natural resources such as wood or cellulose and are used in numerous products, from packaging materials and disposable tableware to medical devices.

However, biomaterials, especially bio-based fibers and fillers, are often damaged at high temperatures. With Polytives' unique process aid, the flow improver bFI A 3745, even sensitive fillers and biomaterials such as oat husks can now be processed without issues, while also improving mechanical properties. The flow improver allows for a significant reduction in processing temperatures by 5 to 10% at very low dosages. Thanks to this innovative Polytives technology, damage to the sustainable Arweco materials, especially the fillers, can be avoided in hot runner processing.

The result is fast-food reusable packaging made from a fully biological product, which is now both more environmentally friendly and more efficient to produce. Additionally, it opens up a wide range of applications, as this material can also be used for other everyday products and consumer goods such as sports equipment or frisbee discs.

Improving Bio-composite Quality

Our collaboration with Arweco demonstrates how innovative solutions can address the challenges of the industry. With our flow improver bFI A 3745, we offer a way to significantly reduce processing temperatures even with very low dosage additions, thereby substantially improving the quality, processability, and process capability of bio-based plastic composites,” says Steffen Felzer, sales director at Polytives.

Dr. Kolja Ostendorf, head of Research and Development at Holzmühle Westerkamp, adds, “The collaboration with Polytives has allowed us to process our bio-based materials even better and more gently. The results speak for themselves - we are proud of the new sustainable fast-food packaging and look forward to further joint projects and product solutions.”

Source: Polytives GmbH
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