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DSH 40-XL PEarl 31

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Brugg Cables

Silane in HDPE (stabilized) carrier resin (40%). Acts as a crosslinking masterbatch. It enables safe and accurate dosing & dispersion in continuous compounding operations without the need of expensive injection pumps. It provides high thermal stability during the grafting and extrusion process giving less or no plate out on the screw & hence higher grafting efficiency. It prevents premature polymerization of the grafting agent and also provides excellent ageing properties of crosslinked polyethylene. Used in crosslinked LLDPE low and medium voltage cables. The recommended dosage is 1.1-1.3% active silane by weight.

DSH 40-XL PEarl 31 Product details

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DSH 40-XL PEarl 31 Properties


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