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Combat™ AD

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Foster

Combat™ AD by Foster consists of 40% Agion AD and 60% ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) based universal polymer alloy carrier. It is an antimicrobial additive. It is commonly used in thermoplastic urethanes (TPU) and silicones for indwelling devices such as central venous (CV) catheters. It is designed using Agion AD antimicrobial additive; a fine particle zeolite (< 4 μm) and high proportioned ionic silver (20-24%). Combat™ AD is made from Sciessent’s Agion™ ionic silver technology, provides an economical way for customers to evaluate several antimicrobial filler loadings in their device components by dry blending different ratios. It is available in quantities as low as two pounds to minimize costs for initial evaluations.

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