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Saret® 1110 Dry liquid

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Sartomer (Arkema Group)

Saret® 1110 Dry liquid by Sartomer (Arkema) is a methacrylate. Acts as a crosslinking co-agent/curing agent. Offers scorch protection, low compression set, temperature stability, high elongation, high modulus, wide hardness range, modulus/compression set, low mooney viscosity, high tensile strength and good hot tear strength. It is available as proprietary mixtures with radical-scavenging retarders that provide prolonged scorch safety, while maintaining cure rate and increasing crosslink density. Compatible with EPDM, NBR, CPE, PE. It is particularly suited for injection, transfer and compression moulded articles, where premature vulcanisation has to be avoided. Saret® 1110 Dry liquid is suitable for use in automotive and transportation.

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