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VIBATAN® GP Antifog 03310

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Viba Group

Innovative formulation of a synergic blend of three antifog agents, dispersed in polyethylene copolymer. Acts as an antifogging agent. Particularly suitable for production of antifog films, mainly used for greenhouse films. Possesses the great advantage to be suitable for LDPE and EVA films, with both a low and a high VA content. Use of this product can cause the formation of fluctuating fog inside the greenhouse, when environmental conditions which are favourable to fog itself occur (outdoor/indoor thermal inversion during the passage from the night to the day). It is very important to remind that the antifog effect is got by superficial migration of the additive contained in the masterbatch, and consequently characterized by the weather conditions. So, the same antifog films could have different antidrop effect from one season to another, when the environmental conditions of the greenhouse in which they are exposed vary intensively (humidity, wind and temperature).

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