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ZEOflair® 200

Technical DataSheet | Supplied by Zettachem

White, non-toxic, microporous inorganic powder. Acts as a deodorant. It has a large adsorption capacity for odors and flavors, and other organic compounds. Its high adsorption capacity is maintained even after being incorporated into the polymer matrix. The unpleasant plastic smell or taste is not masked by other odours or flavours, but gets effectively eliminated. It is thermally stable and chemically inert. It can absorb residual monomers, decomposition products, ketones, aldehydes, esters, organic acids and organic compounds containing sulphur and nitrogen. It can be incorporated in all common polymers by means of masterbatches or dry blends. Suitable for the processing technologies like extrusion including film products, injection and blow molding. Recommended for drinking water pipes, textile fibers, carpeting, vehicle interiors, laminates, toys, recyclable plastics, food packaging like bottles for beverages, bottle caps and food conatiners. The recommended dosage rate is 0.1 to 0.5 wt. % in the end product. In the special case of carbon black master batches for drinking water pipes, 0.5 wt. % is sufficient, which leads to a concentration of 0.03 wt. % in the finished HDPE drinking water pipe.

ZEOflair® 200 Product details

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Physical Form
Product Status
Applications/ Recommended for
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ZEOflair® 200 Properties


Value & Unit
Test Condition
Test Method
Mean particle size, D50
xxxxx μm
Bulk density
xxx g/l
LOI (1000 °C)
x wt.%
Pore volume
xxxxxxxxx ml/g
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