High Heat Additives Selection

Additives used with commodity polymers cannot give the best results with high temperature polymers. This is because of the lack of high temperature stability of these traditional additives. This fact has led to the development of specific additives that can be used with high temperature polymers. This guide will review the three main high heat additives: antioxidants, flame retardants and processing aids used with high heat polymers. Read on and uncover the features they offer in several high temperature polymers.

Processing Aids

Processing aids improve product quality and reduce production costs, particularly with hard to process high temperature polymers. Fluoropolymer, usually a fluoroelastomer is a processing aid used with high temperature polymers.

Features that processing aids can provide are:
  • Reduced gel formation
  • Lower processing temperatures and
  • Elimination in die build-up features

These features help to reduce the part production costs.

The processing operation


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