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Globalprene 9645D can be used for general purpose applications that require softness, flexibility and transparency with no extending oil. Its excellent elasticity and compatibility with...


KLK OLEO produces high performance specialty additives as process aids for a large number of different industries and product application. PALMOWAX, PALMESTER, PALMERE and PALMERA product grades...

Aug 30, 2021 | Article

Additives Improving Post-consumer Recycled Resins

By Donald Rosato

Check out the five emerging additive technologies targeted to develop plastics recycled materials into well-performing end-use applications to obtain a circular economy...

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Safety of high molecular weight phthalates (DINP and DIDP) has been well established by different global safety standards. These plasticizers are neither harmful to the environment nor to the human...

Case Study

Increasing automation in various industries like power generation, construction and metal manufacturing, has led to the need to improve grease quality and comply with regulations. In this case...

Aug 18, 2021 | Article

Bioplastics and High Value-added Bioproducts Derived from Lignocellulosic Biomass

By Belén Monje Martínez

Understand the key challenges and opportunities associated with lignocellulose biomass to produce high value-added bioproducts and bioplastics supporting the global bioeconomy...

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Overcome challenges to meet halogen-free flame retardant specifications with BYK’s range of clay products with improved HFFR performance when used with typical highly filled ATH and MDH HFFR...

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"FUNCTIVE" can improve the chemical resistance of ABS resin by adding a small amount to ABS resin. “FUNCTIVE” provides great performance with a small addition amount of 2 to 5% by weight, it has...


KLK OLEO is one of the world’s leading oleochemical producers that is committed to delivering excellence in the global marketplace. KLK OLEO is committed to protecting all its resources and...

Aug 5, 2021 | Article

Polymer Characterization: How to Get Started

By Veronica Reichert

Learn how to characterize polymeric materials by numerous analytical methods and correlate a measured physical property of the polymer with its performance...

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