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Cabot Corporation Launches Reinforcing Carbon Black for Tire Tread Applications

Published on 2024-03-22. Edited By : SpecialChem

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Cabot Corporation Reinforcing Carbon Black Tires Cabot Corporation announces the global launch of its new PROPEL® E8 engineered reinforcing carbon black. It is designed to provide superior tread durability at low rolling resistance for high-performance tire tread applications.

This new product addresses the unique challenges posed by the heavier weight and higher torque of electric vehicles (EVs) compared to traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

Address Tread Durability to Improve Tire Lifespan

The PROPEL® E8 grade complements Cabot’s existing solutions within the PROPEL® E series, which are also suitable for use in high-performance tires.

As the global mobility landscape shifts to electric, the demand for more robust and efficient tires has become evident. Automotive tire manufacturers are looking for innovative solutions that improve the efficiency of EV tires and enable a longer lifespan. The increased weight and higher torque of EVs have shown to increase tire wear by up to 30% in comparison to its ICE counterparts.

As such, this is generating a rise in end-of-life tires (EOLTs) over the lifespan of an EV as well as higher total cost of ownership. Cabot’s PROPEL® E8 solution is designed to address such challenges by delivering low rolling resistance with increased tread durability to improve the tire lifespan, maximize range and reduce overall tire waste.

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Delivering Performance & Sustainability for Tire Formulations

The treads of EV tires require a performance balance difficult to meet with traditional, high surface area ASTM carbon blacks. The PROPEL® E8 solution enables better rolling resistance when compared to ASTM N200 and N100 carbon black grades. It also provides high stiffness and modulus with abrasion resistance equal to ASTM N100 series carbon black.

At Cabot, we recognize the critical role we have in the rapidly changing mobility landscape and how our product portfolio connects to the needs of the EV industry,” said Aatif Misbah, vice president and general manager, Sustainable Solutions, Reinforcement Materials segment. “Our PROPEL® E portfolio, including our new PROPEL® E8 solution, makes us well positioned to support EV tire manufacturers with their various formulation needs as the electrification of vehicle fleets continues to progress at a global scale. Not only do our PROPEL® E solutions deliver performance benefits, but by extending tire lifespan, our products are helping to reduce waste and the need for frequent tire replacements, thereby contributing to a more sustainable future.

The PROPEL® E8 grade complements the other solutions in its PROPEL® E portfolio including grades PROPEL® E3, PROPEL® E6 and PROPEL® E7, which can also deliver performance and sustainability benefits for various high-performance tire formulations.

Cabot’s PROPEL® E series is comprised of high surface area, medium structure reinforcing carbon blacks specifically engineered to increase the overall sustainability of the tire value chain, enabling tread formulators to deliver tires with low rolling resistance for maximum range while enhancing tread durability to extend tire life span, resulting in fewer EOLTs. In addition, PROPEL® E3 carbon black considerably reduces hysteresis enabling low rolling resistance, which is a critical design consideration for EV tires to maximize range.

Source: Cabot Corporation
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