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Emerald Kalama Chemical’s K-FLEX® 975P Plasticizer Receives Two Patents

Published on 2016-06-10. Author : SpecialChem

Patents and applications in use for K-FLEX® 975P, a low-VOC dibenzoate plasticizer and coalescent produced by Emerald Kalama Chemical, a business group of Emerald Performance Materials, were recently granted in Europe, the United States, Canada and Russia, as well as other countries in Asia. Emerald has validated the European patent in many EU countries and has additional patent applications pending.

Fig. 1: Emerald Performance Materials

K-FLEX® 975P comprises a unique dibenzoate-based composition designed for improved processing and handling and to deliver enhanced performance in the end product. Enhancements include stain resistance, durability and scrub resistance in applications traditionally requiring or utilizing plasticizers or coalescents, such as vinyl plastisols, adhesives, caulks, sealants, paints and coatings. The novel composition is commercially available from Emerald, the only company with a product in this category that is REACH-compliant.

The two new patents, which are based on International Patent Applications PCT/US2011/067572 and PCT/US2011/67584, relate to the use of K-FLEX® 975P alone or as a blend with general purpose and specialty plasticizers in end products containing a wide range of common polymers.

"It is important in end uses to optimize and tailor performance properties specific to that application. As a result of the patent covering K-FLEX® 975P when it is used by itself or in blends with other common plasticizers, there are endless combinations and results that formulators can achieve that are not seen elsewhere," said Wendy Herbst, K-FLEX® director of marketing.

Emerald Kalama's applications lab team — including the inventors of K-FLEX® 975P, William D. Arendt, research fellow, and Emily McBride, applications lab supervisor — has performed extensive testing with plastisol systems and blends in addition to the background in the patents, with the goal of balancing the performance benefits and fast fusion of K-FLEX® 975 with the processing rheology of general purpose plasticizers.

Herbst explained that this ensures that formulators have "a great deal of control and flexibility for optimized end product performance. Our applications expertise sets Emerald apart in the industries we serve, and we have leveraged that expertise to continually bring new value, innovation and performance to manufacturers in many segments. Bill [Arendt] alone holds nearly 20 patents in the field of benzoates; his technical expertise in this field coupled with the talents of Emily McBride and our growing team of scientists attests to how much we value and focus on continual innovation."

K-FLEX® benzoate technology has a proven track record of more than three decades for delivering performance, providing a highly effective alternative that eliminates the health and environmental concerns of increasingly regulated phthalate plasticizers and high-VOC coalescents. The REACH-compliant K-FLEX® platform provides a range of low-VOC, non-phthalate, non-SVHC products, including those with certain clearances for use in food-contact applications.

In recent years, the company has focused on product innovation to deliver benefits to an expanding range of adhesives, sealants, caulk, paints, coatings, graphic arts and plastisol and vinyl applications. For example, in adhesive and sealant applications, K-FLEX® products are known for enhancing film formation and adhesion, processing characteristics and resistance of the end-products to oil, grease and water. Other important benefits include improved scrub resistance and higher gloss in paint and coatings. In vinyl applications, performance can be greatly enhanced by blending the fast-fusing K-FLEX® plasticizers with many other general purpose plasticizers to increase line speed and/or lower processing temperature, as well as improve stain resistance and toughen wear layers in plastisols.

Emerald Kalama Chemical also produces sodium and potassium benzoate, benzoic acid and intermediates, and specialty flavor and fragrance ingredients, which the company sells globally through its distribution partners. The business has manufacturing operations in Kalama, Wash., Rotterdam, Netherlands and Widnes, UK.

About Emerald

Emerald Performance Materials produces and markets technologically advanced specialty chemicals for a broad range of food and industrial applications. Emerald® products play a variety of roles in the products that are consumed and used every day, enabling them to last longer, look, smell, taste or perform better. Emerald products are used in aerospace, food, beverages, cosmetics, toothpaste, household products, paint, tires, automobiles, sports gear and many other applications. Headquartered in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, Emerald has four business groups, nine operations and more than 800 employees.

Source: Emerald
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