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Emery Oleochemicals Offers Bio-based Polyols for Flexible Foam Applications

Published on 2017-11-07. Author : SpecialChem

Bio-Based Ester Polyols for Flexible Foam Applications
Emery Oleochemicals, through its Eco-Friendly Polyols platform, offers EMEROX® renewable content polyols for flexible foam applications. EMEROX® polyols are produced from dibasic acids that are a product of the company's proprietary ozonolysis technology. These polyols possess all the structural design freedom of a petrochemical-based polyol, but with a high renewable content and often with superior performance properties.

EMEROX® 14060 - Bio-Based Ester Polyol

EMEROX® 14060, a bio-based azelate (C9) ethylene glycol polyester polyol developed by Emery Oleochemicals, targets “click-able” flexible ester foams and CASE applications.

EMEROX® polyols are well-suited for a broad range of applications:

  • Flexible foams: low hydroxyl number/slightly branched polyols
  • Rigid foams: high hydroxyl number/highly branched polyols
  • CASE (coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers): low to high hydroxyl/linear polyols

In a recent technical article, the Eco-Friendly Polyols Product & Application Development group compared flexible foam performance properties of EMEROX® 14060 versus an adipate (C6) diethylene glycol polyester polyol in 32 kg/m3 (2 pcf) foam formulations. Foam “click-ability” (i.e. smooth cut as opposed to a pinched foam edge when die cut) and polyol/polyurethane hydrophobicity aspects are compared as well.

Overall EMEROX® 14060, an azelate (C9) ethylene glycol polyester polyol, exceeds the performance criteria for typical adipate (C6) diethylene glycol polyester polyols for many applications and should be considered an attractive renewable alternative.

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Source: Emery Oleochemicals
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