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FGR Launches Graphene Products Range for Rubber & Composites Reinforcement

Published on 2018-09-12. Author : SpecialChem

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First Graphene Limited has announced the release of its PureGRAPH™ graphene products along with supporting Product Information Sheets.

Product Range to Address Specific Market Requirements

First Graphene Limited has announced the release of its graphene
based products

The product range has been developed to address specific market requirements.

  • PureGRAPH™ 20

With a lateral size of 20µm this product is ideal where fire retardancy barrier, thermal conductivity and reinforcing properties are required. Applications include fire retardant paints, concretes and geotextiles.

  • PureGRAPH™ 10

With a lateral size of 10µm this product is readily dispersed into polymer resins and rubbers providing excellent reinforcing properties. Applications include reinforcing of rubbers and carbon fiber and glass fiber filled composites

  • PureGRAPH™ 5

With a lateral size of 5µm this product is particularly useful for formulations in low viscosity systems such as inks where solution stability and final film appearance is important. Applications include electrically conductive inks and coatings.

Due to the method of manufacture and the tightly controlled particle size distribution, of the products agglomeration of the powders is low, making the products readily dispersible in a range of solvent and polymer resin systems.

Evaluation of these products is well underway with our university partners and with our commercial partners. Orders for several kilogram development quantities from commercial customers are already being supplied.

A copy of the Product Information Sheet will be available on the Company’s website in the coming week. Product launch events are planned for upcoming exhibits.

Suitability for Use in:

  • 5 micron - electrically conductive inks and coatings
  • 10 micron - reinforcing of rubbers and carbon fiber and glass fiber filled composites
  • 20 micron - fire retardant paints, concretes geotextiles.

Lack of high integrity information which can be relied upon by potential customers is an ongoing problem across the graphene industry.


  • Since it was first isolated by the University of Manchester in 2004, graphene has been acknowledged as one of the most promising of all nanomaterials available for industry.
  • There are many challenges associated with the development of new material products, taking into account scientific, engineering and regulatory requirements. 
  • One of the greatest challenges experienced to date has been the ability for graphene manufacturers to supply products of a consistent and verifiable quality at scale, in repeated production runs.
  • First Graphene announces a range of high quality graphene products with a fully locked down specification from our 100 tons year manufacturing facility.

Produce Graphene with Larger Lateral Sheet Sizes

  • Recognizing this, FGR has expended considerable effort to develop what we believe to be one of the most useful graphene product information sheets released by any company.
  • Over the last five months FGR’s management has worked with various universities and on its own production processes to ensure it could consistently produce a suitable range of products.
  • After exhaustive product tests and discussions with current and potential users it has developed the PureGRAPH™ range. 
  • The initial product includes PureGRAPH™ graphene products with lateral sizes of 20µm, 10µm and 5µm. Further size options will be added later. 
  • Due to its unique process it is able to produce graphene with larger lateral sheet sizes if a customer should have a particular application.

Managing Director, Craig McGuckin said:

The launch of our PureGRAPH™ high quality graphene products along with a detailed product information sheet is a significant step forward in the commercialization of graphene. Our customers can now be confident of the quality of the graphene products they are purchasing and assured that their product development has a reliable raw material supply to build from. Our competitive research has revealed that no other manufacturers have been prepared to present the detail of product information shown by FGR.”

Source: First Graphene Limited
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