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Hexion Introduces Exclusive Line of Polyols for PU Foams

Published on 2018-09-05. Author : SpecialChem

Novel building block materials recently introduced by Hexion offer polyurethane rigid foam producers an array of benefits from improved fire performance to increased productivity when compared to traditional technologies. These polyols, when reacted with isocyanates, produce polyurethane foam insulation for building insulation, refrigerators and freezers and industrial thermal insulation applications.

Hexion’s unique line of polyols can be used as replacements for commercial
grade PU foam panels

Innovative Raw Materials for Polyurethane Industry

Launched under the Resonance™ brand name, Hexion’s unique line of polyols combines the best properties of traditional, polyester and polyether polyols and can be used in “drop-in” replacements for these materials in commercial grade polyurethane foam panels.

Features of Resonance P-series & T-series polyols include high aromaticity with a range of functionalities delivering a variety of benefits, including:
  • Improved fire performance
  • Increased flexibility to adjust catalysts and fire retardant additives, potentially simplifying formulations and reducing overall system cost
  • Higher compression strength
  • Improved dimensional stability, leading to greater manufacturing efficiencies
  • Enhanced compatibility with isocyanates, co-polyols and additives leading to finer cell structures

Resonance T-series Polyols

Resonance T-series polyols offer varying levels of nitrogen content that lead to high reactivity making them a good fit for applications, such as spray and appliances foams, where rapid cure is critical. They are also non-volatile and can reduce emissions of volatile organic compounds.

We’re excited to offer these innovative raw materials to the polyurethane industry,” says JP Aucoin, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Global Phenolic Specialty Resins, Hexion. “Recent accidents around the globe have put the fire, smoke and toxicity properties of insulation under a microscope, and manufacturers are looking to improve product safety as well as mechanical performance and manufacturing efficiency. Our novel Resonance P-Series and T-Series polyol portfolio provides an attractive, new alternative to current technologies.”

Source: Hexion
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