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Imerys Introduces HAR® Talc for the Plastic Compounding Industry

Published on 2016-05-10. Author : SpecialChem

Imerys Talc, the world’s leading talc producer, is pleased to announce the expansion of the HAR (High Aspect Ratio) talc product line for the plastic industry with the introduction of HAR-T77 and HAR-H92 talc, both produced in North America. They join HAR T-84 talc, which is produced in Europe, and sold globally. Using an innovative, patented delaminating process, Imerys is able to produce HAR talc, which has a higher aspect ratio than conventionally micronized grades and brightness levels ranging from 77 to 92 Y.

Fig. 1: Imerys

When introduced into TPO systems, flexural modulus can be increased by 15% and shrinkage reduced by 8-10% along with a reduction in CTLE. In existing part designs, HAR talc may enable a reduction of talc required to maintain current stiffness performance, reducing part weight and lowering costs. HAR talcs have excellent isotropic shrinkage, and along with their CLTE performance, enable tighter gap designs and tolerance control. Heat deflection performance is also enhanced.

“HAR talc is a major improvement over micronized talc with regards to a variety of criteria,” explains Chris Scarazzo, Imerys Talc North America Market Manager for Polymers. “When compounded with polypropylene or TPO, it results in a unique combination of higher stiffness and good impact performance. HAR is a new tool for design optimization via down-gaging wall thickness, reducing part weight for improved fuel economy and reducing cost. Our commitment to producing high performance talc in North America allows Imerys to offer the best cost and performance mineral portfolio available.”

About Imerys Talc

Imerys Talc is the world’s leading talc producer with talc mines and processing plants in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Italy, Japan, Spain and the United States. Employing some 1,000 people, Imerys Talc offers an unparalleled range of talcs and related minerals that enhance performance in paper, paints, plastics, ceramics, personal care products, rubber agriculture and pharmaceuticals.

About Imerys Group

The world leader in mineral-based specialty solutions for industry, with €4.1 billion revenue and 16,130 employees in 2015, Imerys transforms a unique range of minerals to deliver essential functions (heat resistance, mechanical strength, conductivity, coverage, barrier effect, etc.) that are essential to its customers' products and manufacturing processes.

Whether mineral components, functional additives, process enablers or finished products, Imerys’ solutions contribute to the quality of a great number of applications in consumer goods, industrial equipment or construction. Combining expertise, creativity and attentiveness to customers’ needs, the Group’s international teams constantly identify new applications and develop high value-added solutions under a determined approach to responsible development. These strengths enable Imerys to develop through a sound, profitable business model.

Source: Imerys

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