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Karl Finke at Fachpack 2016: To Present Masterbatches & Pigments for Plastics

Published on 2016-09-07. Author : SpecialChem

Karl Finke will showcase masterbatches and pigment powders as well as liquid dyes and coloring pastes for almost any type of plastics application at Fachpack 2016.

Masterbatches, pigment mixtures, liquid dyes and coloring pastes: the quick and economic translation of color design ideas into production stage plastics packaging is among Finke’s core competences. Due to this outstanding service, the color masterbatch producer has become an important and reliable partner for packaging designers and brand manufacturers.

Additives - Fibaplast Masterbatches & Fibasol Liquid Colorants

Fibaplast Masterbatches

Fibaplast Masterbatches

  • Masterbatches contain pigments that are already bound and dispersed in plastic granules.
  • These granules are added to the plastic raw material for the final product.
  • Fibaplast masterbatches can be used for producing almost all thermoplastics.

Fibasol Liquid Colorants

  • Fibasol liquid colorants are highly temperature-resistant and absolutely nonfading.
  • Liquid colorants special is a binder that does not affect the physical and chemical properties of plastics when they are processed.
  • Fibasol liquid colorants are physiologically harmless and can therefore be used in the area of food packaging.
  • Fibasol can be combined with almost all thermoplastics and is therefore suitable for almost all applications.

For optimum results, Finke works with the customer’s original material and simulates specific production conditions, ranging from various injection molding and extrusion methods to blow molding, in its own laboratory. The company is equipped with technology to produce PE and PP bottles. Moreover Finke can simulate the production of tinted and dyed PET-C bottles on its own blow-molding system.
Fibasol Liquid Colorants

More than 200 standard colors from the RAL color system are available as FIBAPLAST masterbatches. They are particularly suited for all areas of thermoplastic processing, like injection molding and extrusion applications. Numerous possible additives such as UV protective agents, anti-oxidants, antistatic agents, lubricants or additives for laser printing, open up a wide range of applications. Customized colors can be provided on short notice.

For transparent colorants Finke has developed its FIBASOL liquid dyes. Their liquid binding agent does not impair the physical or chemical properties of the material in any way and is physiologically harmless. The temperature resistant and light-fast dyes can be combined with almost any thermoplastic material. They are particularly suited for food packaging and cosmetic packaging.

For special plastics like PVC systems, polyurethanes, epoxy resins or unsaturated polyester resins, FIBADUR pastes are the colorant of choice. The liquid and pasty pigment preparations mix perfectly with the respective plastic system, provide well-defined color intensity as well as high color constancy and can even color liquid polymers.

The powdery WUBALEN pigment mixtures are suitable for all thermoplastic polymers and allow for various special effects by means of selected additives. Since they are physiologically harmless, they can be used in food packaging and textile applications.

About Karl Finke

Karl Finke GmbH produces its tailor made colorants on state-of-the art production lines in Wuppertal, Germany, where the worldwide operating family-owned company has been headquartered for more than 65 years. At Finke, experienced technicians counsel and support customers from industries like cosmetics- and food packaging, medical technology, automotive, furniture, electronics and toys, from the first design draft to production stage of their products.

A high-class product range, cutting-edge technology, and a customer proximity that is put into practice: these are the building blocks of its corporate philosophy. Its strategic measures for achieving customer satisfaction include a high-quality and diverse range of colors, assistance with products from design through to series production, advising clients on-site in application-related and coloristic matters, as well as precise analytics.
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Source: Karl Finke
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