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Ampacet Introduces MATIF Grades for Enhanced Packaging Applications

Published on 2017-03-08. Author : SpecialChem

Ampacet launches Next Generation MATIF grades to achieve excellent matte performances with haze of more than 75%, providing a high quality finish to luxury packaging items. The trend has moved from glossy surfaces towards low gloss appearance.

Trend Towards Low Gloss Appearance

MATIF grades for packaging applications

Ampacet has introduced its Next Generation MATIF consisting in a platform of:

  • Matte compound high to low Seal Initiating Temperature (SIT) and down gauging up to 25%
  • New Matte properties with high coefficient of friction (COF)
  • Half Matte compounds allowing to see the goods through the packed film
  • Matte compound with light “soft touch” effect

Following a presence of more than 25 years on the Bi-Oriented PolyPropylene (BOPP) film market, Ampacet has developed a position supplying high volume general purpose as well as specialty masterbatches to the BOPP film manufacturers on a worldwide scale.

Nowadays, matte finishes could be seen on the packaging of luxury items (e.g. perfume, alcohols, …) as well as on food wrapping films (e.g. chocolate, coffee, biscuits, potato crisps, …)

Enhancing the Aesthetics and Haptic of Packaging

  • An easy view of graphic details due to a very low light reflection
  • The imitation of the natural look and touch of old fashioned paper packaging
  • An attractive modern appearance with a silky, smooth, soft-touch finish
  • A luxury appeal and high quality image provided to the brand. 

Marcello Bergamo, Ampacet’s General Manager Europe said “we are proud in having designed and brought to our customers the latest technology available in the polymer industry on Matte compounds. Our strategic choice is to develop solutions for our customers and the Next Generation Matte is all about that. This latest technology is another example of how we intend to achieve our objectives and we seek to add value for our customers and increase our competitive advantage

Ampacet’s Next Generation MATIF allows to achieve excellent matte performances with haze of more than 75%, providing a high quality finish to graphic arts and luxury packaging items.

Next Generation MATIF platform covers a broad spectrum of seal initiation temperatures (SIT) going from 130°C to 75°C allowing the use of BOPP matte films on various packaging equipment.

François Thibeau, Ampacet’s Strategic Business Manager Europe for business units Films & BOPP states that “with our new MATIF range, Ampacet allows its BOPP film customers to debottleneck their film production line. Indeed, our new MATIF products allow to down-gauge traditional matte skin layer by 20 to 25%, over-come the capacity constraints linked to matte skin thickness requirements with conventional matte compounds, allow film producers to increase overall line output and improve their overall operational excellence.

With its new MATIF Range and its specific MATIF Grades, Ampacet can answer the most demanding requirements from the matte film market in terms of film performances as well as on an operability stand-point.

About Ampacet

Ampacet’s Masterbatch technology brings plastic alive, giving it the right look and function for almost any end use: Food & Beverage, Household; Industrial, Cosmetics, Hygienic, Personal Care; Agriculture, Geo-Textiles; Consumer goods: Toys, Garden, Leisure, sport; Construction, E&E, Automotive. As one of the leading manufacturers of Black, White, Color concentrates and additive Masterbatches, it offers exceptional products and service the world over.

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Source: Ampacet
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