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GCR Group at K 2016: Showcased Mineral Masterbatches for Packaging and more

Published on 2016-11-18. Author : SpecialChem

GCR Group has showcased new mineral masterbatch grades designed for the food packaging industry that improves barrier properties. Another development showcased at the K 2016 is Granic476, an extra white Calcium Carbonate masterbatch.

Masterbatches for Packaging & Automotive Sector

Granic – Mineral Masterbatches

GCR Group has attended again the World’s number one Trade Fair for Plastics and Rubber. The Company is very satisfied with the results of its assistance to the K Show where Auteno was officially presented. Auteno is the new GCRs brand focused in the development of polypropylene compounds reinforced with talc specially designed for the automotive sector. This new brand was launched at the beginning of 2016 with a production capacity of 10.000 tons per year.

Granic – Mineral Masterbatches

  • This division develops masterbatches of calcium carbonate (CaCO3), talc, silica derivatives and other mineral specialties of high quality and dispersion
  • Noteworthy due to their ability to be dosed in high concentrations in plastic formulations of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS) and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS).
  • The Granic masterbatches offer an excellent cost balance/performance ratio.
  • The masterbatches are formulated free of heavy metals, they are non-abrasive and they are suitable for a wide range of uses, including those coming into food contact, such as rigid or flexible packaging.
  • The masterbatch department has a currently production capacity of 220,000 Tons/year expected to be increased to 275,000 Tons/year by the end of 2016.
  • Moreover, Granic, the mineral masterbatch of Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Silica and other specialty minerals has added new grades to its range. One of these new grades is a mineral masterbatch designed for the food packaging industry that improves barrier properties - in comparison with standard LLDPE films - without compromise the transparency.

Another development showcased at the K 2016 is Granic476, an extra white Calcium Carbonate masterbatch for hygienic breathable film. This grade allows the production of films at low grams square meter (gsm). To show this development, GCR Group and Hosokawa-Alpine shared their technical strengths to make an outstanding breathable hygienic film. The sample of 17 gsm with 70%of Granic476 was display on the booth. The film was stretched by TRIO system of MDO machines from Hosokawa Alpine delivering great processability performance.


GCR Group gave two technical conferences for the first time during the K2016. Together with Dow Chemical, the company gave the conference "Sweetening the outcome with innovative coatings" where the collaboration between the two companies to develop Granic 626, a mineral masterbatch for Extrusion Coating, was explained. This conference was part of the "Faces of innovation" talks.

Another conference where GCR Group participated was the Tech talks organized by ExxonMobil. GCR Group presented the collaboration between ExxonMobil, CMD and Kivo to develop high-quality refuse bags with lower Carbon Footprint.

The bags were formulated with Granic 1522 which is a Calcium Carbonate based mineral masterbatch with Vistamaxx carrier. The new rubbish bag exhibits twice the impact resistance and is 16% thinner. In addition, a 19% lower Carbon Footprint of the raw materials was achieved when comparing the old roll - 20 bags of 18 microns virgin film - with the new roll - 20 bags of 15 microns with Granic.

GCR Group is strongly committed to the research and innovation in order to increase its range of products. As a consequence of this commitment, the company will reach a production capacity exceeding 300,000 annual tones by the end of the year.

About GCR Group

Founded in 2001, GCR Group develops sustainable solutions with low carbon footprint for the plastic industry. Ciclic industrial compounds are focused on the production of film, sheets, pipes and the injection pieces for household appliances, office material or industrial containers. Granic is a calcium carbonate, talc, silica or other specialty minerals masterbatches. Granic applications are industrial, food and cosmetics packaging, white goods, healthcare and construction. Auteno is the division of polypropylene based reinforced compounds for the automotive market. Irtion is the technological division of GCR Group with an in-house developed patent that adapts its unique technology - with low energy consumption - to the specific requirements of the company.
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Source: GCR Group
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