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UBE Introduces Unsaturated PC Polyol for Polymers with UV-curing Processes

Published on 2016-09-01. Author : SpecialChem

Polyurethane parts have become more and more sophisticated to meet the requirements of today's market. To help you match your applications’ expectations, UBE has developed ETERNACOLL® UD Polycarbonate polyols.

ETERNACOLL® UD100 - Scratch Resistance to Polyurethanes


UBE ETERNACOLL® is a large platform of solutions offering customizable possibilities to polyurethane elastomers as well as superior and long-term retention of performance (thermal stability, oil resistance, hydrolytic stability, weatherability and chemical resistance).

UBE has developed ETERNACOLL® UD Polycarbonate polyols series, which is a family specially designed for the manufacture of thermoplastic polyurethanes, polyester elastomers, polyurethane dispersions, urethane acrylate, and polycarbonate diacrylate and thermoset resins.

ETERNACOLL® UD Polycarbonate polyols-based resins can be used in UV-curing products, since its double-bonds in the polyol chain can react with themselves and other UV-curing groups under standard UV conditions, providing high hardness, toughness, scratch resistance and excellent mechanical properties, as well as superior and long-term retention of performance.

About UBE

UBE Corporation Europe S.A. is the wholly owned subsidiary of UBE Industries, Ltd. for Europe and Latin America. Headquartered in Castellon (Spain) and with offices in Madrid, Düsseldorf, Mexico City and Sao Paulo, it manufactures and distributes caprolactam, polyamides, fertilizers and fine chemical products. The drive for product and manufacturing technology innovation and a commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility are key management principles of the company.

UBE Industries, Ltd., founded in 1897, is a chemical company based in Ube, Japan and listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
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Source: UBE
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