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Polymers additives supplied by Solvay

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SIPOMER® BCEA by Solvay is beta-carboxyethyl acrylate monomer for Tg modification. It is used in the manufacturing of synthetic resins. It provides carboxylic acid groups in copolymers and enhanced... view more
SIPOMER® HPM-100 by Solvay is methacrylate specialty monomer. SIPOMER® HPM-100 is used for making hydrophobic alkali soluble emulsion (HASE) type associative thickeners presenting intermediate... view more
SIPOMER® IBOMA-HP by Solvay is a high Tg, hydrophobic isobornyl methacrylate monomer. It improves abrasion-, water- and chemical resistance. SIPOMER® IBOMA-HP is used in the manufacturing of... view more
SIPOMER® PAM-100 by Solvay is phosphate esters of polyethylene glycol monomethacrylate. It improves adhesion to metallic substrates and glass into acrylic or styrene acrylic latex systems. It... view more
SIPOMER® PAM-200 by Solvay is phosphate esters of polypropylene glycol monomethacrylate. It is incorporated into acrylic resin, 100% active, water-based & solvent-based systems and improves adhesion... view more
SIPOMER® PAM-300 by Solvay is an acrylic functional monomer. It can copolymerize with various common monomers by radical polymerization to form water- and solvent based, or 100% solid resins. This... view more
SIPOMER® PAM-4000 by Solvay is alkyl methacrylate ester monomer. It is incorporated into acrylic or styrene acrylic systems and improves adhesion to metallic substrates. It also enhances polymer... view more
SIPOMER® SEM 25 by Solvay is an aqueous solution of polyethoxy polyarylphenol methacrylate. SIPOMER® SEM 25 specialty monomer is used for rheology modification... view more
SIPOMER® WAM by Solvay is allyl ether of a substituted urea. It is used in vinyl polymer systems and acrylic polymers. SIPOMER® WAM is used in the manufacturing of synthetic resins... view more
SIPOMER® WAM II by Solvay is methacrylic monomer. Its composition is based on 46-50% methacrylamidoethyl ethylene urea (MAEEU). It provides enhanced wet-adhesion, wet-scrub resistance and solvent... view more
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