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Solplus™ D560 & D565 are Polymeric dispersants for thermoset applications allowing for: high pigment and filler loading with good flow properties excellent viscosity reduction enhanced...

Oct 25, 2017 | Article

Emerging Global Plastics Food Contact Packaging Legislation

By Don Rosato

Food contact packaging is complicated and continually changing. It is important to keep updated on data, information, and analysis relevant to global plastics food packaging legislation. Not all...

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Oct 12, 2017 | Article

Advancing Composites - Adding Carbon Fiber to the Designer’s Palette

By Mark DeMeuse

Carbon fiber composite materials that were initially developed primarily for use in the aerospace industry are now attracting interest in new applications. Structural & performance advantages...

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Oct 5, 2017 | Article

High Heat Polymer Materials Turning Up the Heat!

By Don Rosato

High heat plastics have been among the fastest growing plastics products entering new & challenging applications, like: Military / aerospace, automotive, electronics... Although, it is still...

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Single wall carbon nanotubes are one of the most promising novel materials and they are likely to revolutionise a wide range of industries...

Nov 3, 2017 | Article

Functionally Enhanced Pigments Set to Perform!

By Donald Rosato

Recent developments in functional pigments are redefining the role they play in plastics well beyond that of appearance, such as: Process efficiency, waste reduction, sustainability & regulatory...

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VOELPKER® WAX 4418 is a patented organic ester wax, based on renewable plant waxes. It optimally combines the characteristics of a multi-purpose plastics additive with the appeal of biobased raw...


You use SPF to protect your skin from sun damage; you should use Shepherd Color’s Arctic® Infrared Reflective pigments to protect your outdoor applications from the suns damage as well. Cool...

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Willing to improve the performance and to maximize the durability of your polyurethanes? Meet the requirements of today’s market with UBE ETERNACOLL® polycarbonate diols and ETERNATHANE®...


Birla Carbon holds a comprehensive range of specialty carbon blacks: Raven® and Conductex® which can be used in a wide variety of specialty applications. Read more about these specialty blacks and...
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How to Well Disperse CNTs

Look again at CNTs... Now you can really achieve great performance improvements!


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