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Aesthetic Color Property Advances

SpecialChem / Donald Rosato – Mar 20, 2008

Aura, a proprietary color infusion technology launched as part of Bayer MaterialScience's Fantasia, color and special effects program for engineering resins infuses the surface of already-molded thermoplastic parts with color. The infusion process takes place in a heated bath containing a mostly aqueous dispersion of dye and a proprietary, polymer-friendly surfactant. The already-molded part is placed in the coloring solution until the desired depth of color is achieved (somewhat like coloring Easter eggs), which can take from seconds to a few minutes. The color is fully integrated into the part, not a surface coloration, or coating that could rub off. It is simple and flexible because the user can add a wide array of colors to already molded clear, translucent or opaque white parts. Special effects that are in the resin before coloring, such as sparkles or metal flakes, will show through after coloring. Bayer MaterialScience also created Milena mix-and-match coloring technology, which allows customers to add a variety of colors to their CDs and DVDs made of Makrolon polycarbonate.

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