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Evolutions of Processing MethodsCheaper, Faster, Easier, More Environmental-Friendly...

SpecialChem / Jan 28, 2008

The economic requirements, the environmental regulations, the low processing costs of emergent nations, the more and more reduced design times worsen the competition and push converters to manufacture cheaper and faster. Multiple ways are investigated from the simplest ones such as the optimization of processing parameters up to the most sophisticated ones such as modelling or rapid prototyping. The following figure 'Requirements-&-Possible-Ways' displays 15 good reasons that must satisfy some basic requirements. The causes and effects are interwoven. For example the wall thickness reduction thanks to the shift from injection moulding to fluid-assisted injection moulding acts on the material consumption, material cost, cooling, cycle times, energy consumption.. Fluid-assisted injection moulding is a variant of injection moulding suitable to produce parts with internal cavities or hollow parts. It is used for the manufacture of products such as household appliances and automobile parts.

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