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Fluoropolymer Patents

SpecialChem / Jul 26, 2006

Scope This report covers U.S. patents that issued during the period full year 2005 until 20 July 2006. Around 350 patents had the terms "fluoropolymer" or "fluoroelastomer" in their claims, and this number was reduced for this report to 64 that described either new compounds or compositions or processes for making or treating fluoropolymers. Some end use applications of interest were also noted if they were general. Discussion The figure "fluoropolymer-assignees" shows number of patents for fluoropolymers and fluoroelastomers by assignee. 3M, Du Pont and Asahi have the bulk as expected. The figure "fluoropolymer-type' summarizes the types of patents assigned to the major assignees. "Compound" in this context refers to a new chemical structure. "Composition" refers to a blend that includes known compounds. Fluoropolymers The problem of making fluoropolymers without the perfluorinated surfactant is high on the list of challenges addressed by 3M. See patent numbers 7,071,271; 7,064,170; and 7,045,571. Also, 7,018,541 discloses a means for cleaning fluorinated surfactants from water.

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