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Fully Integrated Processing Thanks to In-Line OperationsSave Time, Money, Energy, Quality

SpecialChem / Jan 23, 2008

The deepest dream of any engineer or designer is to manufacture in an only one continuous process leading directly from the raw materials up to a packaged device. With the inescapable evolution of plastic processing techniques, robotics, monitoring techniques, finishing operations this beautiful dream comes true and gives basic advantages as we can see afterward. One shot processing suppresses production step(s)leading to several benefits: 1. Suppression of intermediate storage(s) simplifying logistics and corresponding handling. 2. Reduction of floorspace 3. Suppression of corresponding immobilised assets 4. If applicable, suppression of re-heating of the knocked out processing step(s) eliminating the involved thermal degradation 5. If applicable, suppression of the second shear treatment contributing to the reduction of thermal-mechanical degradation 6. Possibility to adjust formulations and finishing treatments in-line to follow the variations of properties and the requirements of the customers.

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