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Looking Ahead in Plastics Color Trends and Novel Pigment Advances

SpecialChem / Donald Rosato – Apr 23, 2012

Colorants in the form of polymer additive pigments and dyes change the look of a given plastic to the human eye. Today’s coloring methods include a broad array of technologies to choose from including masterbatches, precolored resins and compounds, dry color, liquid color, and single pigment concentrates. Special effects colorants are growing in importance. A unique range of Xymara effect pigments by BASF provides pearlescent and metallic special effects. LiquidMetal Colors by Ampacet allows blow molded and extruded PET (polyethylene terephthalate) packaging to have the look of highly reflective metal. Solasorb is a novel inorganic UV light absorber from Croda is based on ultra-fine metal oxides. NanoArc Antimony Tin Oxide nanoparticle additives by Nanophase Technologies can be incorporated into clear film and sheet to absorb IR but not visible light. Bayer MaterialScience phosphorescent Luna color effects exhibit strong glow-in-the-dark effects after exposure to light. RTP Company offers a range of night and day glow effect plastic masterbatches. A new Bayer MaterialScience LEDA compounded color technology can help designers break the beige and white barriers imposed on medical applications. Amber PET masterbatches used in pharmaceutical prescription bottles by Ampacet let molders color PET in their facilities rather than rely on pre-colored resin. Renol-natur color masterbatches made from 100% sustainable natural sources by Clariant are used in polylactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA). OnColor BIO Colorants from PolyOne are a range of color concentrate products for bioplastics (PLA, PHA, PHBV, PBS, and PBAT). Teknor Color for Bioresins is centered on three series of color concentrates for use in PLA resins and blends.

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