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Packaging Gets Active: Additives Lead The Way

SpecialChem / Jun 23, 2004

While consumers may want their food without preservatives, they still want it to be long lasting. This article reports on the move towards 'active and intelligent packaging', where additives can help provide a protective package environment through a number of means. As consumers demand improved product quality and longer shelf life, there is a continuing need for improved barrier properties and extended shelf life in packaging for food and beverages, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Additives that help create a protective package environment, polymers with good barrier properties, processes for creating modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and sensors to measure the package environment can be combined. "Within the next decade, active and intelligent packaging options will become key elements in how food processors and manufacturers protect the longevity and nutrient value of their products," says Paula Kalamaras, co-author with Paul Kraly of the Business Communications Company (BCC) report, Active and Intelligent Packaging. Active packaging responds to changes in the package environment.

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