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Plastics Electronics Materials Set to Emerge

SpecialChem / May 24, 2007

Plastics are indispensable in electrical and electronic applications. Among other things, when suitably modified they can also conduct electricity. Many of today's new technical developments in the E/E (electrical/electronic) sector capitalize on the latest types of 'new generation' plastics. The development of E/E devices goes hand in hand with plastics innovation and the optimization of engineering plastics materials-and vice versa. Many of these plastics technology innovations applied to the E/E sector incorporate nanotechnology. Plastics are the pioneers of progress. New high heat resistant plastics are being developed in response to demand, as the miniaturization of electronic devices and convergence of product features lead to increased operating temperatures. The growing use of high temperature lead free solder to comply with the EU's RoHS directive to eliminate the use of hazardous materials adds to this demand, as does the increased use of plastics in under-the-hood automotive applications.

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