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Rubber recycling II - The most intelligent way: repairing, retreading

SpecialChem / Oct 27, 2004

Retreading of tyres, repairing of industrial rubber goods are the best recycling ways but are not always suitable because of the chemical and mechanical state of the end-of-life products. These are degraded by heat, light, weathering, ozone, oils and other pollutants, fatigue and are not suitable to ensure the same functionalities as virgin compounds. Important defects can be hidden and only a specialist can make the decision to: * Repair or retread * Or scrap. For repairing and retreading it must be verified that the remaining part or the casing is good enough to justify the operations. When repairing or retreading is possible, cost savings are very interesting. Repairing of rubber goods is often unappreciated but is industrially applied for some specific applications where: * The investments are high * The delivery time is long and the production breaks are very expensive or impossible. This environmental friendly way is the most intelligent because of savings concerning: * Investments * Raw materials * Energy. However on the other hand one must be careful of the physical, mechanical and chemical state of the goods to be repaired.

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