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Latest stabilizer solutions fill unmet needs: Interview with Addivant (K 2016)

SpecialChem / Nov 4, 2016

K 2016 - We interviewed Serge Rogasik, Vice-President & General Manager for Addivant™, a leading supplier of Plastic Additives.

Read on to hear Addivant™’s opinion on the market trends and how they are bringing innovative solutions to fill the unmet needs created by new applications or regulations.

What are the biggest trends in your field?

Within the plastics industry we observe three major trends:
  1. Continued drive for enhanced performance to meet demanding technical requirements especially in high end applications such as:
    • Food packaging
    • Interior automotive parts
    • Building insulation
    • Wire & cable

  2. Secondly, a strong focus along the whole value chain to increase production efficiencies to optimize processes and lower costs
  3. Finally, as governments and brands impose new regulations and ever tighter controls, regulatory compliance becomes critical to ensure continued market access and customer peace of mind

How is Addivant™ addressing these trends?

To address these market trends, we are leveraging our unique specialty additives portfolio to develop new formulated solutions including new molecules. By capitalizing on our blend capabilities we bring innovative solutions to the market where new applications or regulations are creating unmet needs. To deliver on our promise, we have:
  • More than tripled our investments in R&D
  • Filed four times as many patents since 2010
  • Created an exciting innovation pipeline to double our revenue within the next 5 years

What further developments do you expect to see in your industry in the coming year?

Major changes are underway in many of the segments we serve. As an example, let’s look at the food packaging sector where consumers are increasingly scrutinizing packaging.

In food packaging
  • Health and wellness food segment is growing 2X faster than other segments.
  • 40% of consumers seek full transparency in their food purchase.
  • New stabilization solutions are required that meet all these increasing consumer requirements, while displaying superior performance to existing solutions.

Another segment undergoing major change is transportation, where changes in fuel standards, urban consumer requirements and new technology are transforming the requirements for plastics and rubber.

Have you specifically launched something for K 2016?

At the K show we launched five new “Solutions to Breakthrough”:
  1. ULTRANOX® 800 series – New high performance stabilization solutions for polyolefins. It provides:
    • Improved LTHA
    • Better color
    • Increased use of regrind without compromising the product quality
  2. LOWINOX® FAST XL – A new liquid formulated solution for wire and cable industry. It enables formulators to speed up by 5-7% without compromising technical performance
  3. NAUGARD® PS 3015 – A high performance scorch protection solution for automotive industry. It is in compliance with new VOC/FOG standards
  4. LOWINOX® XPS 162 – A stabilization solution for new generation polymeric flame retardants for extruded polystyrene. It improves color stability by a factor of 10
  5. WESTON® 705 - A phosphite antioxidant for polyolefins and rubber:
    • Thoroughly tested & approved for use in food contact applications in over 50 countries
    • Enables greater sustainability and performance for the entire packaging industry

Is there any investment planned in the upcoming year(s) for your antioxidant product range?

Over the last four years, Addivant™ has invested exponentially in our assets to support growth and innovation. Major investments include tripling of our WESTON® 705 capacity and capacity expansions at our specialty antioxidant sites (Catenoy, France) as well as our joint ventures in the Middle East & South Korea. In 2017, we will continue this accelerated pace of investment in our assets and regulatory spend in particular with REACH 2018 on the horizon.

About Serge Rogasik

Prior to joining Addivant™ in 2013, Serge Rogasik served as Vice-President for BASF’s Plastic Additives Business in North America. Serge has more than 20 years of experience in the chemical and biotech industry, driving growth, innovation and transformative strategies in multiple regions.

Serge started his career in drug delivery research with Colgate Palmolive prior to taking various growth-oriented positions in R&D, marketing, strategy, M&A and business management in large corporations such as Solvay, General Electric and BASF. Serge drove strategy development and growth in industries as diverse as Plastics, Personal Care, Biotech, Packaging and Automotive.

Serge holds an MSc in Biochemistry from the University of Lyon as well as an MSc in Pharmaceutical Science and Pharmaceutical Industry Management from the Institute of Industrial Pharmacy of Lyon.

2 Comments on "Latest stabilizer solutions fill unmet needs: Interview with Addivant (K 2016)"
ani o Nov 11, 2016
what application mainly use Weston 705 (polyelefin) ? food packaging? grosery bag?
NĂ©stor A Nov 10, 2016
What's with respect to PVC compounds stabilizers, rigid and flexible?

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