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Impact Modification Strategies for Engineering Polymers

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Recorded on Feb 28, 2017

Increase the impact resistance of your engineering polymers without compromising on other performance (modulus, yield strength…) by smartly selecting impact modifiers from the existing solutions (copolymers, blends, hard fillers...)

Chris DeArmitt (20+ years experience) will explain how to prevent loss in transparency & colorability due to impact modifiers using real-life case studies.

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Chris DeArmitt Presented By:
Chris DeArmitt

Length: 90 min

Course Type: Formulation
Level: Intermediate

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Why should you view this course?

Attempts to increase impact resistance often goes hand in hand with loss in transparency, modulus... Often but not always! A careful selection of your impact modifiers make it possible to avoid such compromises. Join this course and:

  1. Better select impact modifiers  by understanding the key failure mechanisms (crazing, sheer yielding) & critical parameters to improve toughness in your engineering polymers
  2. Solve compatibility issues between impact modifiers & other additives (fillers, pigments, flame retardants...) by recognizing the causes & preventing them
  3. Easily tweak final impact resistance by adjusting additives impact modifier concentration, particle size, inter-particle spacing... depending on your engineering plastics
Impact Modification Strategies for Engineering Polymers

Who should view this course?

R&D people who need to find the right balance between impact modifiers & other additives (fillers, pigments, flame retardants,...) in their engineering plastics.

Course Outline

The following sections will be covered during this session:

  1. Plastics fundamentals, e.g. mechanical properties
    • Property balance between modulus, strength and impact resistance
    • Performance / cost ratios for engineering polymers
    • Impact Failure Mechanisms

  2. Impact modifiers selection
    • Adding fillers, elastomer particles or making polymer blends...
    • The pros and cons of different elastomer chemistry (polybutadiene versus acrylate rubber)
    • The importance of impact modifier particle size, bonding and cross-linking

  3. How to minimize unwanted interaction between particulate impact modifiers and fillers / pigments (including real-life cases)

  4. How to minimize the effect of impact modifiers affect other properties: transparency and colorability (including real-life cases)

  5. Summary sheet as a quick reference guide to modifier selection

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Members Reviews

Gave a good understanding of the fundamental principles that drive impact resistance in engineering polymers. It can be easily translated to other polymer applications.

Norman L. , from DAK Americas

The course gave me a good overview of principles involved & i learnt the main routes to improve impact resistance.

Hugues B. , from Cytec

Provided a lot of good input in filler / composite. I've now a far better picture of the complexity of adding fillers to enhance effects.

Allan S. , from Grundfos

An excellent overview of different strategies and approaches for impact modification as well as usefull testing methods.

Klaus B. , from Topas Advanced Polymers GmbH

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