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How To Stabilize Polyethylene For Rotational Molding – BASF’s Perspective on Additive Solutions

This is a Past Webinar

As polyethylene production has increased and the rotational molding market has expanded, there is a growing demand for improved performance in thermal and ultraviolet light stabilization for end-use applications. These requirements, coupled with the current drivers towards sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, present opportunities for additives in polyethylene. In this presentation, we present solutions that enable players throughout the supply chain to produce products that enhance durability, reduce energy cost in production, increase throughput, and accommodate rework and recycle requirements.

John Sigler Presented By:
John Sigler

Length: 31 min

Why should you view this webinar?

Anyone looking for improvements in performance of rotational molding grade PE resin – processing and UV stabilization. Improve overall PE UV weatherability and durability as well.

  • UV solutions that meet your needs
  • Improved color ─> Better appearance
  • Shorter cycle-times─> More parts per day
  • Broad processing─> Improved operations

Who should view this webinar?

  • Innovation / Industry Managers
  • R&D Managers / Scientists
  • Technical Managers
  • Converters / Molders
  • Masterbatch Houses / Formulators

Please note that the access to the presentation has been restricted by the supplier.
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John Sigler Scientist and Global Coordinator for Rotational Molding - BASF Corporation

John Sigler John Sigler has worked for BASF / Legacy-Ciba in the Plastics Additives business for 30+years, with varied jobs and responsibilities along the way, such as Quality Control, Customer Service, Product Range Management, Sales & Technical Support. The majority of his time has been in the Additives Development Lab for over 18 years as Technician, Scientist and Global Coordinator for Rotational Molding.

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