Daikin fluoro based polymers processing aids are additives used to increase productivity and quality of PE materials during extrusion. These additives have the advantage to not compromise on PE performance as only few hundred ppm are needed.

What are Fluoropolymers-based PPA?

Fluoropolymers based additives
Polymer processing aids are used in polymers formulation to increase the processing efficiency and quality of polymeric compounds. PPA are based on a large diversity of chemistry, and used in different polymers (polyolefins, PA, PVC and many others polymers).

Daikin has developed several PPA, which are fluoropolymers based additives, used to increase productivity and quality during extrusion of PE products (films, profiles).

Daikin now offers an new generation of PPA (DAIKIN PPA DA-910), based on a new fluoro-elastomer chemistry which:
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  • Reduces PPA additives cost as up to 50% less additive is needed.
  • Is suitable for highly demanding blown film applications such as lamination and surface protection
  • Controls your logistic cost during transportation thanks to higher bulk density (smooth surface on the pellets)

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Case Studies from Fluoropolymers as Polymer Processing Aid (PPA)

Reduce PPA dosage and interactions with HALS in PE agricultural films

Polymer Processing Aids (PPA) - Fluoropolymers based additives help to reduce melt fracture, reduce die build-up and extend the time between cleanings, decrease PPA dosage with similar performance.



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